Monterey Media Circus Digital Photography Group held a fantastic photo shoot on August 21 at Xpressions Studio in Monterey. It was a day of lights, cameras, playfulness, elegance, and whimsy. Christine Holding, hostess of the event, was joined by fellow photographers Michelle Robertson, George Haas, and Todd Davalos. Not only was there one talented photographer present, but four. My clothing business, Secondhand Passion, provided the upcycled and vintage clothing and accessories. Make-up artistry was provided by Gaia, and Jessica, Laura, and I modeled. Thanks, everyone!

An elegant photo by Christine Holding of a woman wearing Victorian style clothing and holding a lace scarf over her face

woman with black wig, cobweb eye makeup, red lips, and wearing red rockabilly vintage dressThe shoot wouldn’t be complete without some radiant red and cobwebs. That’s what I look like in a black punky wig and all done up.

woman with peacock feather and lace top hat and theatrical necklacePeacock feathers, lace, and glamour.

woman in outfit reminiscent of the Dresden Dolls' style plus Steampunk and Victorian flair that includes black and white striped gloves, antique top hat with black feather, antique key necklaces, and vintage 80s Victorian-inspired black lace and tan dressFor a look reminiscent of the Dresden Dolls’ style plus Steampunk and Victorian flair, wear striped accessories, top hats, feathers, and antique key necklaces with Victorian-inspired dresses. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

model with vintage black lace 80s dress, skeleton key necklace, top hat, black lace gloves, black and white striped gloves, black parasolBlack lace never goes out of style.

Check out to view more of the pics from the shoot.